Revolutionizing Coffee through Education

Kopling acts as the platform for opinion leaders and industry giants to share ideas and revolutionize our coffee scene. We invite Indonesia’s most inspired thinkers to give talks that deepen knowledge of coffee and to conduct sensory activities to develop sensory techniques and skill.

Our Vision

To create a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem of coffee experts that lead the advancement of the coffee industry in Indonesia.

Our Philosophy

  • Progress starts from the bean and the story behind it. 
  • If one component is deficient, the entire value-chain will fail. All elements must work in harmony. (Anna Karenina Principle)
  • Stakeholders must engage and learn from each other. (Network effect)

Our Principles

  • Intelligence can be acquired through sustained hard work.
  • Strong factual knowledge precedes skill.
  • Sensory skills are gained only through regular practice.

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