Main Event

Unless we appreciate our own coffee, no one will appreciate our coffee.

We believe in the importance of bringing stakeholders together to learn from each other. We also believe that coffee is all about sensory skills. As such, our monthly conference consists of two parts – powerful, short talks by guest speakers and coffee sensory events.

We kick off our third coffee conference with talks by two key speakers and our signature coffee cupping event.

Date & Time

22 July 2019 

09:00pm – 12:00pm


Gedung Olveh

Jalan Jembatan Batu no 50.

Jakarta Barat – DKI Jakarta 11110


Event Highlights

First of all, Kopling would like to thank all the participants for their commitment to join and for their participation to the second cupping event, “Uniquely Indonesia”.

Special thanks to the two key speakers Mr. Ahmad Djuhara (President of IAI) and Mr. Andra Matin (Multi Award-Winning Architect), for giving outstanding presentation in relation to “Arsitektur dan kopi” and also “Coffee and Creativity”.

Ahmad Djuhara giving Presentation about “Coffee and Architecture”
Andra Matin giving presentation about ” Coffee and Creativity”

Uniquely Indonesia specifically coffee In Indonesia always follows how rich Indonesia potential coffee based on the various region has their type of flavor, until how uniquely Indonesia to invent new processing method. Indonesia had the chance to become world leading coffee exporter, because its geographical condition was suited for coffee plantations. Furthermore, each region produces unique beans with their own character.

Try different type of coffee based on the regions with same processing method would experience richness Indonesian coffee potential through cupping notes with different type of flavor, some of coffee taste fruity, chocolaty, or taste burnt caramel.

At the session, all the participants tried different types of coffee beans from various region across Indonesia. Each coffee beans has their own character and unique flavors, such as fruity, chocolaty and caramel.

All the coffee are shipping from coffee farm and roasted freshly for cupping session on 22nd of June 2019.