Uniquely Indonesia

Event Highlights

Kopling’s second coffee cupping event entitled “Uniquely Indonesia.” was held at Olveh building on June 22nd 2019. The event was attended by Mr. Ahmad Djuhara (President of IAI) and Mr. Andra Martin (Award-Winning Architect). Each attendees was giving an outstanding presentation explaining how caffeine may increase creativity and helps us to concentrate.

Mr Ahmad Djuhara was giving presentation entitled “Coffee and Creativity” explaining the reason why most of us need a cup of coffee to get going in the morning. Not only does coffee help get you moving, but it also helps start your brain so you overcome the first hurdle to unlocking your creative juices. Ideas are vital to creativity.

Meanwhile, Mr Andra Martin explaining why architects loves caffeine. Martin
highlights the fact that drinking coffee gives you the persistence needed to work through many iterations of an idea, reducing the chance that you will give up before you hit upon the best solution.

As one of the largest producers of coffee in the world, Indonesia is blessed with a wide variety of unique and tasty coffees from all across the archipelago. From the province of Aceh on the westernmost-end to Papua Province on the eastern most point, each region has its own authentic coffee that has its own distinct taste and characteristics.

All the coffee are shipping form the farm, and roasted fresh for cupping session on 22nd of June 2019.

All the participants seems enthusiast to participate in the cupping session, although for some of them, this is their first time for cupping, they seems enjoying discussion and asking a lot of questions to the speaker. Most of them are able to notice the differences between Robusta and Arabica.

Here it is the featured Coffee for Second Cupping Series:

  1. Toraja Enrekang, Natural
  2. Ijen Natural
  3. Mandhailing Natural
  4. Gayo, Natural
  5. Fine Robusta, Bali Puncak Sari, Natural
  6. Bali, Natural
  7. Robusta, Pagar Alam, Sumsel, Natural

Connecting coffee supply is Kopling’s main concern, through this event, coffee enthusiast have the chance to understand how coffee processing from beans until they become a cup of coffee.

This is the Upcoming Cupping Session Event by Kopling Coffee Lab. in 21 September 2019. with special speaker whose Architect and would gonna talk about coffee aroma. Supported with AST trainer from SCA who gonna giving the presentation about Aroma in Coffee and using Le Nez Du Cafe as the equipment that mandatory to practice our smelling skill.

Climate Change Impacted to Arabica Coffe

Coffee Cupping series by Kopling Coffee was held in Irai office in Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta on 23 August 2019: The event invite two special speaker from two different sector. One of them is prominent Indoesian architect, Gede Kresna and other founder of IDH Fitrian Ardiansyah. The Theme of the Event is discussed about “climate change impacted to Indonesian Arabia Coffee Quality and Quantity”. Attended by 30 participants that enganged to coffee stake holders, they are Mr. Teten Masduki (Coordinate Staff of President), Rudi Salahudin, (Deputi IV Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs), Mr. Jo Daud Dharsono (CEO Sinarmas. Group) and many more.

Mr. Gede Kresna remind how he and coffee has something related to his childhood memory ,whose picking cherry in farm, and along to his harversting season in Bali, he met wild monkeys in the forest. That’s how Mr. Gede remind how coffee is related to his journey on natural appreciation.


How does climate change threatening cup of coffee? All coffee producing countries face the same situations. AEKI (Asosiasi Eksportir Dan Industri Kopi Indonesia) recorded, the area of Indonesian coffee plantations currently reaches 1.2 million hectares. Of that area, 96% is the smallholder livelihood area and the remaining 4% are private and government plantations. So it can be said, how the smallholder maintaining the challenging of ability to problem solved, meanwhile, heat wave, heavy rainfall can be caused of outbreak of leaf rust.

Coffee cup qualities rely on how the farming does their effort for harvesting and processing coffee bean. There are some other factors that can be caused that decrease either increase. This is same as how our cappuccino can be so many different taste in cup, although same coffee beans, and same type of water. Temperature can be so affected. This is also happen in plantation.

Event Overview: It’s All About Sensory


Event Date: 4 May 2019

Kopling would like to thank all attendees for their enthusiasm and participation in the inaugural conference titled, ‘It’s All About Sensory’.

Sensory skills are acquired from practice and experience, and learning the proper techniques to classify aroma and flavor is the ideal first step. During our event, we brought together experts to share their experiences and to highlight the application of sensory skills in the industry.

Coffee experts

Daniel Kwan, Bean Go (AST)
Sylvia, Expert Trainer (SCA)
Erwin, PT Santos Jaya Abadi (Q grader)

Farm Owners

Jisnu A. Adiwoso, PT Juang Jaya Abadi
Rosalina Theodora, Absolut Coffee
Rayhand Nasution, UD Sian Huta Mandailing Natal

Perspectives of coffee from the angle of production and processing actually gave us a deeper understanding of the impact it has on coffee.  

Coffee Enthusiasts

Mr. Yap Tjay Soen, Ex CFO of PT Bank Negara Indonesia
Mulia P. Nasution, Former Secretary-General of Ministry of Finance)
Robert Holthausen, Access World Warehousing, and Logistics

Our high profiled coffee lovers got to share some of their stories and contribution to coffee.


Lin Che Wei, CEO of PT IRAI

‘Kopling believes in bridging the knowledge gap between coffee retailers and producers’.

Our program began with the story of Mandheling and its unique history. Education has a very strong focus in this presentation by Mr. Lin Che Wei, ‘To save one man, teach him how to fish. To save thousands, educate a teacher.’ We believe updating the curriculum for vocational schools for coffee planting and farming will improve the lives and knowledge of thousands of farmers in Indonesia.

Following that, an activity about orthonasal and retronasal olfaction that reminded us how important our sense of smell is for tasting.

Participants were introduced to different aromas and flavors in coffee before we finally commenced with the cupping session.

Coffee cupping

Coffee cupping is a process used by the industry for checking the quality of a batch coffee based on a scoring system. The scores are categorized by aroma, mouthfeel, body, and acidity…etc. This information attained is noted in a document called a cupping sheet.

This process will allow us to train our sensory skills and we will be conducting monthly sessions. We believe sensory is a skill that is attained through practice and experience, not simply learned theoretically in a classroom. Kopling believes that by conducting monthly sessions, we can share knowledge between different participants of the value chain and bridge the gap between them.

Featured Coffee Types

  • Aceh Gayo (Wet hulled)
  • Bali Kintamani (full washed)
  • Argarpuro (Natural)  
  • Mandailing (Natural process)
  • Flores Bajawa (Honey process)
  • Ethiopia (Full Washed)

Cupping Photos

The cupping session was an eye-opener for many, during which our experts shared a rich discussion about the delicate flavor profiles of each type of coffee.


‘Together, everyone achieves more’ is a slogan that fits Kopling’s direction.

Sensory skills are acquired through practice and experience, not simply from a classroom. Conducting regular cupping with different stakeholders and enthusiasts is our way of encouraging the development of sensory skills and sharing of knowledge.

Our next event, ‘Uniquely Indonesia’, will be hosted on June 22. It features presentations from 3 unique individuals and 8 local coffee variety. Stay posted for the latest updates.