Premium coffee network for experts and enthusiasts.

We are a community devoted to the true appreciation of coffee, based in Jakarta.

We bring together industry leaders and coffee aficionados in the field to discuss issues about the local coffee industry and how to improve coffee’s current condition in Indonesia, from bean to cup.

We are building a new coffee era in Indonesia.

In 2018, in partnership with the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, we published the official roadmap for Coffee Indonesia, detailing the current competitive market, effects of climate change, and policy recommendations to improve the conditions of coffee production in the near future and for long-term.

Also, we are determined to revive Kopi Mandailing, an Indonesian bean variety that is rich in history and flavor but produced in extremely low quantities due to poor farming practices and climate change. We are building coffee plantations in Mandailing Natal not only to improve the lives of coffee farmers in the area but also to produce a steady supply of premium Mandailing arabica coffee beans to Indonesia and the world.

Revolutionizing Coffee through Education

Kopling acts as the platform for opinion leaders and industry giants to share ideas and revolutionize our coffee scene. We invite Indonesia’s most inspired thinkers to give talks that deepen knowledge of coffee and to conduct sensory activities to develop sensory techniques and skill.

Our Vision

To create a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem of coffee experts that lead the advancement of the coffee industry in Indonesia.

Our Philosophy

  • Progress starts from the bean and the story behind it. 
  • If one component is deficient, the entire value-chain will fail. All elements must work in harmony. (Anna Karenina Principle)
  • Stakeholders must engage and learn from each other. (Network effect)

Our Principles

  • Intelligence can be acquired through sustained hard work.
  • Strong factual knowledge precedes skill.
  • Sensory skills are gained only through regular practice.

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Main Event

Unless we appreciate our own coffee, no one will appreciate our coffee.

We believe in the importance of bringing stakeholders together to learn from each other. We also believe that coffee is all about sensory skills. As such, our monthly conference consists of two parts – powerful, short talks by guest speakers and coffee sensory events.

We kick off our third coffee conference with talks by two key speakers and our signature coffee cupping event.

Date & Time

22 July 2019 

09:00pm – 12:00pm


Gedung Olveh

Jalan Jembatan Batu no 50.

Jakarta Barat – DKI Jakarta 11110


Event Highlights

First of all, Kopling would like to thank all the participants for their commitment to join and for their participation to the second cupping event, “Uniquely Indonesia”.

Special thanks to the two key speakers Mr. Ahmad Djuhara (President of IAI) and Mr. Andra Matin (Multi Award-Winning Architect), for giving outstanding presentation in relation to “Arsitektur dan kopi” and also “Coffee and Creativity”.

Ahmad Djuhara giving Presentation about “Coffee and Architecture”
Andra Matin giving presentation about ” Coffee and Creativity”

Uniquely Indonesia specifically coffee In Indonesia always follows how rich Indonesia potential coffee based on the various region has their type of flavor, until how uniquely Indonesia to invent new processing method. Indonesia had the chance to become world leading coffee exporter, because its geographical condition was suited for coffee plantations. Furthermore, each region produces unique beans with their own character.

Try different type of coffee based on the regions with same processing method would experience richness Indonesian coffee potential through cupping notes with different type of flavor, some of coffee taste fruity, chocolaty, or taste burnt caramel.

At the session, all the participants tried different types of coffee beans from various region across Indonesia. Each coffee beans has their own character and unique flavors, such as fruity, chocolaty and caramel.

All the coffee are shipping from coffee farm and roasted freshly for cupping session on 22nd of June 2019.

Location History

Situated in the heart of Kota Tua, the Old Town of Batavia, Gedung OLVEH dates back to the Dutch colonial period and was established in 1921. The building was used by the Dutch government for the provision of life insurance to the public.

Today, Gedung OLVEH retains the cultural elements of the past, preserving its majority of the original architectural design. The building consists of three floors and two towers with a view of South Batavia.

This historic landmark is now used as a gathering place for important events including forums by top policymakers and conferences by the expert networks.